Fixed Fee Commercial Contracts

Virtual Law’s commercial solicitors are commercial contracts specialists. We offer a fixed fee service for reviewing, advising on, and drafting commercial agreements and contracts. We’re aware the small business owner or SME doesn’t have an enormous amount of money to spend on drawing up 100 page contracts. We’re also aware of the significant impact fighting a contract dispute would have on your business. We invest time upfront, without charge, to understand your contract requirements, governance strategies and risk tolerance. Once we’ve agreed your needs, we’ll draft an invoice and undertake to complete the work within an agreed timeframe.


Significant Risks ReviewOur commercial lawyers check your business, sales, purchase and employment contracts for major issues such as onerous liability, indemnity, termination and TUPE provisions, restrictive covenants and IP rights ownership protection. We then e-mail summary of material issues to you.

Review and Mark-Up: We perform a Significant Risks Review and in addition, provide a marked up version of the contract, highlighting all significant changes.


Virtual Law delivers a fast, value-for money, quality commercial contract drafting service. Every business is different, so what we don’t do is pull a standard contract off the shelf and let you fill in the missing words. We do listen to your needs and concerns and then apply the relevant legal contract framework in the manner that’s going to offer you the greatest return in terms of peace of mind in the long run.