Remote or On-site?

Virtual Law’s In-House Legal and Locum Lawyers Services are practical, flexible and economical resourcing solutions for businesses and law firms who need to expand their teams on an as-needed or short-term basis. Our senior-level solicitors have extensive experience of working in both international organisations and in private practice. They are available to work with you on a part-time or full-time basis, either working on-site or remotely.


How does it work?
Engaging a Virtual Law Solicitor is a quick and simple procedure:

phone-01First of all, call us and let us know the type of expertise you need, when you’ll need it, how long you’ll need it for and your approximate budget.


We’ll identify the Virtual Law solicitors with the most appropriate expertise, draw up a proposal and make introductions.

Agreement-01If you’re satisfied with the calibre of expertise you’ve been presented with, the next step is to draw up the appropriate engagement letter.

Virtual Law’s In-House Legal Service and Locum Lawyers Service can be engaged in one of three ways: Remote, On-Site, or a combination of the two.


One-01REMOTE WORKING:  For when you don’t need to engage the expertise of a full-service law firm, but do need access to ad hoc professional advice. Or, for when you need an experienced professional to mop up the overspill from a specific project.  Or for when you need to run a full capacity team but your star player is on short-term leave. Our solicitors work from their own designated office using a dedicated, secure and compliant IT system to save you the cost of on-site administration.

There are two payment options for this model:

  • Hourly rates: a ‘pay as you go’ option enabling you to use your designated solicitor as and when you need
  • Daily or weekly rates:  to be agreed in advance and to include a cap of the number of hours per day worked

Two-01ON-SITE WORKING: A secondment style contract whereby our solicitor integrates with your team at your site.  For when you need to cover long-term staff absences.  Or you need to increase capacity or add expertise for the duration of a project.  Our solicitor may work full time or part time, dependent upon your needs.

Payment types for this model include:

  • Daily rates: to be agreed in advance and to include a cap of the number of hours per day worked
  • Monthly rates:  A fixed rate based on the chosen, set number of hours or days worked per calendar month

Three-01A COMBINATION OF BOTH:  This is by far the most popular choice of engagement amongst our international clients.  Our solicitors work a combination of days per week on-site and remotely, with a daily/weekly or monthly rate set for the on-site portion of the contract and a reduced daily rate/agreed number of hours set for the remote working day.  Hours worked beyond the agreed number of days will be charged at an hourly rate.